Season’s Greetings

Posted on Dec 19, 2016 in General, Lawspeak

With best wishes for the Christmas Season and a peaceful, relaxing and rewarding time with family and friends. All the best for 2017! Stuart Bugg  

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Contracts in English: 3rd Edition

Posted on Nov 29, 2016 in Background, Bugg’s Boilerplate, General, Lawspeak, Seminars

 It’s finally here! It may have been a bit optimistic of me to announce way back in September that a 3rd edition of Contracts in English was already out there to buy. However, I am promised by the publishers that Santa has now indeed flown in the first printed copies in advance for your Christmas stockings! (There is even a special version for Australian readers. You can all enjoy this version by simply holding the book upside down.)* So,...

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Masterclass on Contract Update 2016

Posted on Nov 3, 2016 in Background, General, Lawspeak, Seminars

Dear Contract People, For those of you interested in updating your contract skills and know-how, I am holding the annual Masterclass Contracts in English Update seminar for 2016 in Nürnberg on 2-3 December. You can find more information and registration details at the following link: Again, we will be meeting in the delightful Victoria Hotel snuggled...

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New Film Trailer for “The Contract”

Posted on Sep 13, 2016 in Background, Bugg’s Boilerplate, General, Lawspeak

Was it a boring summer up to now ? Are you looking for a bit of light-hearted contractual entertainment of epic proportions — squashed into just a few seconds ? You may be interested in this trailer from the house of Augustin & Bugg. Please remember to regard it as very much tongue-in-cheek. I would not recommend waiting for the final box office release...

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New Revised 3rd Edition: Sex, Drugs and Contract Law

Posted on Sep 1, 2016 in Background, Bugg’s Boilerplate, General

New Revised 3rd Edition: Contracts in English Working Title: “Sex, Drugs and Contract Law” I have always wanted to drag the dreary textbooks on Contract Law into the 21st century with a revitalisation of content, format and evocative titles. I know the subject matter itself is somewhat dry, but as an enthusiastic commercial lawyer I think that a certain joie de vivre should be reflected in the legal literature. However, my thoughts may already...

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Excluding Liability: what exactly is “loss of use”?

Posted on Aug 30, 2016 in Bugg’s Boilerplate, General, Lawspeak

  If you are drafting a commercial contract for a supplier or contractor you will often have to seek to exclude or limit liability as far as (commercially and legally) possible. But, in common law situations you cannot simply use general wording to deal with liability. You must be precise and detailed in the wording to effectively exclude liability. This fact was again clearly illustrated in a recent decision from the Court of Appeal in...

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Getting in and out of summer

Posted on Jul 11, 2016 in Background, Bugg’s Boilerplate, General, Lawspeak

After a month out of the office, it has proven very difficult to get back into the work routine. In the meantime, the United Kingdom may be facing the opposite problem. After over forty years in the EU (aka EEC) it is now having to contemplate the political, economic and legal realities of trying to get out. As always, the legal industry has seen a great new market opening up and has been quick to provide advice and offer new services and...

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The spoken word

Posted on May 31, 2016 in Bugg’s Boilerplate, General, Lawspeak

Have you ever seen this type of provision? Any amendment to this contract must be made in writing and signed by both parties. It is standard procedure when drafting contracts to include a template clause that requires any future amendments to a contract to be made in writing and signed by the respective parties. But in practical terms such a clause may have only limited impact in certain circumstances, as a recent case in English revealed. In...

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German Law Contracts in English

Posted on Apr 26, 2016 in General, Lawspeak, Seminars

Just in Time!   Seminar with Stuart Bugg Friday, 6 May to Saturday, 7 May 2016 (2 days) Victoria Hotel, Nürnberg German Law Contracts in English As a legal professional, contract manager, sales manager or translator you are often working between different laws and languages. This seminar is designed to help you bridge the divide between German Law and  the English language and legal world. Say (write and understand) it in English! Feel more...

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