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Posted on Jul 26, 2018 in General

It seems that many solutions to complex issues can be found in the wisedom of our ancestors and their culture. The problems of climatic change and global pollution are no exception. The Maoris of New Zealand have an ancient culture that has wisely recognised the need to protect the environment. People should be at one with the environment. We are part of nature. Maori deity form the key elements of nature. For example, Maru is the god of fresh...

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New Seminar Data

Posted on Jul 13, 2018 in Seminars

After an enforced blogging break to ensure compliance with a new summer of data protection, I can safely announce to those recipients still out there that new seminar datas for some of my Nuremberg Seminars in 2018-19 are now available:  Masterclass on Contracts – Update 2018 Hotel Victoria Nürnberg9-10 November 2018Registration & Info German Law Contracts in English Hotel Victoria Nürnberg18-19 January 2019Registration & Info Legal...

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Translations, Chess and Painting by Numbers

Posted on May 9, 2018 in General

  Learning the German language is one thing, but attempting to understand Legal German is something quite different or, as our American cousins would so sportingly quip, a whole new ball game. As every long-suffering translator knows, translating Legal German into English ceases to be a mere ball game. Undertaking legal translations is in fact more comparable to playing the three-dimensional chess game of Mr Spock (of Star Trek fame or, Sheldon...

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Eggs, Liability and Data Protection

Posted on Mar 28, 2018 in Bugg’s Boilerplate, General

Changes in the law are impacting liability in all areas of our daily life. Here is the first draft of a warning that perhaps could be used on Easter eggs in the future: DISCLAIMER: Notwithstanding anything you may believe or want to believe or you think that others (hereinafter referred to as the “Third Party”) should believe, and to the full extent permitted by law, these goods (hereinafter referred to as the “Egg”) are...

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Common Sense, Liability and Interpretation

Posted on Mar 6, 2018 in Bugg’s Boilerplate, General, Lawspeak

  The devil may be in the (grammatical) detail, but now it seems that the angel of common sense is coming to assist contract law. After many, many years (you could even say decades) of some English courts interpreting liability clauses in a very strict manner and refusing to support unclear or vague wording, in Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust v ATOS IT Services UK Ltd [2017] EWHC 2197 (TCC), the Court of Appeal has again...

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Fasching: Fun and Frustration

Posted on Feb 9, 2018 in Bugg’s Boilerplate, General, Seminars

First of all the fun…last calls! Ash Wednesday will be long gone by the time of the meeting, but the seminar work is intended to bring some post-Fasching fun in learning by doing. Places are still available in my seminar:  “Legal and Contract Drafting in English“ 2-3 March 2018, in Nürnberg Information on how to register, deadlines and further seminar details can be found here.   Now for the frustration…Way back in 2015...

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Rust Never Sleeps: FIDIC 2017

Posted on Jan 24, 2018 in General, Lawspeak, Seminars

Just in case you’ve finally started feeling comfortable using the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) standard “Suite of Contracts” from 1999 (Red Book, Yellow Book, to mention but two), December 2017 saw the official launch of a whole new set of revised template contracts for the construction and project work industries. Of course, the author (and copyright holder), FIDIC called the launch event in London...

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New Seminar: Legal and Contract Drafting

Posted on Jan 22, 2018 in Seminars

No sooner have Christmas and the New Year flown past than the seminar season is upon us. This year, in response to several requests, I am starting the year off with a new specialist seminar on legal drafting skills. It is called “Legal and Contract Drafting in English” and will be held from 2-3 March 2018 in Nürnberg. We will be working in a small group and so there’s plenty of time to ask questions and look at your individual...

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Merry Christmas!

Posted on Dec 21, 2017 in General

Best wishes for Christmas and a peaceful, relaxing and rewarding 2018 with family and friends. Stuart Buggand the Augustin & Bugg Team  

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What is “gross” when it comes to contracts?

Posted on Nov 22, 2017 in Bugg’s Boilerplate, General, Seminars

English law consists of various areas of law with different theories of liability. Under the Law of Torts, there is traditionally no difference between “gross” negligence and  simple negligence: Wilson v Brett (1843) 11 M&W 113. However, under Crminal Law “gross” negligence will attract criminal liability but negligence by itself is normally not sufficient for a criminal offence. And, under Contract Law if an...

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