…are not infrequently quite different in Legal English. Why torture your language skills about deficiencies (“dee fish in sea”) when you can have simple defects or faults. Why do lawyers always pronounce in lieu as “in loo”?

Well, the whole thing gets much worse when you mix in national and regional dialects, accents and pronunciation. For example, if you ask an Australian lawyer about libel (Beleidigung), because of the Australian way of pronunciation you may be understood to be referring to some sort of tag (label)!
If you want to learn Australian (“Strine”) pronunciation a good place to start is a book entitled Let Stalk Strine by Afferbeck Lauder (= alphabetical order) aka Alastair Ardoch Morrison. Mr Morrison died in 1998 but his pronunciation guides live on and you can even find him in Wikipedia.
Here are a few examples for your future antipodean legal conferences:
“Emma chisit” – How much is it?
“Egg nishner” – air conditioner

So, tie your kangaroo down, mate –and give it a fair go!