Where are we going ?

We are not looking for a seminar venue somewhere in Europe. Nor are we beginning the holiday planning for when the travel restrictions end.

The choice between Brussels, Rome, the Hague or Lugano is an  issue of how the UK will regulate cross-border jurisdictional and choice of law matters in the future after the EU transition period ends this year. Rome I and Rome II Regulations on choice of law as well as Brussels Recast of jurisdictional and enforcement matters may no longer apply outside the EU, but should we now be looking to the Hague Convention or the Lugano Convention for help? Or, will the traditional common law principles alone apply? BREXIT is being revisited: the impact of contractual choice of law clauses selecting England law as the applicable law or England & Wales as the (exclusive) jurisdiction is unsure. What should we be doing?

This is just one of the many contracts questions we hope to address NEXT WEEK during our annual Masterclass meeting – this time online. Other areas cover the latest developments in contract drafting and interpretation, liability, Brexit and frustration in contracts, Covid-19 and force majeurereps and warranties and German/English legal translations.

You still have time to find out more and register on our website at: https://www.augustinbugg.com/seminare/

HURRY! It’s last minute!