Do your support staff and trainees need a little help with their English?

If you want your office personnel and trainees to be a bit more competent and confident when working  in English you may be interested in a new series of three one-day “mini-workshops” we have developed. The seminars are to be held over the course of this year here in Nuernberg. The first meeting is scheduled for next month on 15 April and there will be follow-up sessions covering different topics in English on 15 July and 14 October.

Each one-day meeting deals with a different set of subjects and skills and complements the other modules.  Together they form the basis for developing a compenhensive set of English-language tools in a law office. Each one-day module costs only € 139 (including MWSt).

The meetings are designed to be very compact starting at 9:30 in the morning and finishing by 4:30 pm. This will allow participants more time to travel to Nuernberg. In addition, the main railway station is only 3 minutes on foot from the seminar venue (Hotel Victoria) in the Nuernberg “old city”. It’s a great place to visit!

You can find a full description and registration details at:

The idea behind the seminars is to give office support staff and trainees ideas, information and materials for developing English skills in the law office environment. The meetings will be in the form of workshops and we will be covering everything from office procedures and  files, telephone calls, letters and emails to basic Legal English, translating and dealing with clients and visitors.

It would be nice to see some people there!

P.S. Do not wait too long because there is a 10% discount for each meeting for early bookings (see the registration form).