Just in case you’ve finally started feeling comfortable using the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) standard “Suite of Contracts” from 1999 (Red Book, Yellow Book, to mention but two), December 2017 saw the official launch of a whole new set of revised template contracts for the construction and project work industries. Of course, the author (and copyright holder), FIDIC called the launch event in London “a defining moment for the global construction industry”. So…it’s time to move on and get to know the new versions.

Even if you cut aside all the FIDIC hyperbole, it must be admitted that the new Red, Yellow and Silver Books do include some major changes.  For example, “claims” and “disputes” are set out more clearly in new sections. There are other points to watch out for, too. In short, anybody involved with FIDIC-style contracts would be well advised to “wise-up” on the new 2017 versions.

I was originally planning on letting the dust (not rust!) settle a bit more, but there have already been several requests  concerning training on the FIDIC changes. For that reason, I am thinking of doing a special training workshop in Nürnberg on the FIDIC 2017  updated Red, Yellow and Silver Books.

If anybody is interested in perhaps attending such a seminar sometime in 2018, do drop me a quick line at  Of course, any response will not commit you to anything, but I am just looking to find out the general level of interest for a workshop.