I would like to thank the participants for a very enjoyable and (I think) useful Contracts Update 2015 workshop. The seminar was held, as always,  at the Victoria Hotel just inside the old city walls of Nuernberg. It was a wonderful location and time of the year to meet. With the Christkindlesmarkt just down the street and the spirit of the festive season everywhere to be seen (and tasted), we could not have asked for a better setting.

And …despite the distractions… we even managed to get a lot of work done! The meeting proved to be a great chance for questions and discussions. We covered lots of recent developments in the drafting, implementation and interpretation of international commercial agreements. The UK Supreme Court was even kind enough to give us a few landmark decisions in the last few weeks so that we could re-examine penalties, liability and lots of other boilerplates.

Thanks again to everybody involved.