Solutions to last week’s Odd Couple Quiz

1A. arbitrary (adjective) = based on mere opinion or preference as opposed to the real nature of things; capricious, unpredictable, inconsistent.

1B. arbitration (noun) = a system of settlement of a dispute by an arbitrator; a process of arbitrating a dispute.

2A. bail (noun) = a security given for the release of a prisoner awaiting trial (criminal law); (verb) =to grant bail, to release from prison in return for security

2B. bailment (noun) =  a transfer of personal property by one party (the bailor) in the possession, but not ownership, of another party (the bailee) for a particular purpose.

3A. bilateral treaty = a binding agreement made between two countries or international organisations.

3B. bilateral contract = a binding agreement whereby a party’s (promisor’s) offer is intended to be acceptedby way of a promise from one or more other parties (promisee(s)), a contract formed by way of the exchange of two or more promises (as opposed to a unilateral contract whereby the promise (offer) is intended to be accepted not by a promise in return but by performance e.g. offer of a reward for returning lost property)

4A. parole (noun) = a conditional (early) release from imprisonment, a prisoner’s promise to abide by the specific terms of a conditional release.

4B. parol (adjective) = oral, spoken.

5A. leave (noun) = authorised absence from place of employment e.g. to be on leave.

5B. garden leave (noun) = authorised absence of an employee leaving a job whereby the employee is required by the employer to stay away from the place of work and cease all employment activities during the notice period, whilst still remaining on the payroll.