Next Nuernberg Seminar

Posted on May 27, 2015 in Background, Bugg’s Boilerplate, General, Lawspeak, Seminars

Masterclass: German Contracts in English with Stuart G. Bugg 17-18 Juli 2015, Hotel Victoria in Nuernberg Registration & Info For those of you interested in extending your basic knowledge of German contracts as well as developing your Legal English skills in a German law context, I can recommend the next seminar with me in the wonderful old city of Nuernberg. It will be particularly useful workshop seminar for translators, lawyers, contract...

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Shall we or will we? Drafting duties and the future

Posted on May 19, 2015 in Background, Bugg’s Boilerplate, General, Lawspeak, Seminars

What is the difference between “shall” and “will” in a contract? Of course, as always the answer in any specific case will always depend on the context and the intention of the parties. However, we should try to avoid the potential for misunderstandings and uncertainties in our drafting. The traditional approach of lawyers in the past has been to utilise “shall” because of its ubiquitous application as part...

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A summons for both brevity and precision

Posted on May 7, 2015 in Bugg’s Boilerplate, General, Lawspeak

A document that crossed over my desk recently related to a civil claim in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The “show cause summons” for a party to attend a hearing was dominated by a large warning stamped across the text in red. There clearly have been difficulties maintaining standards of dress and decorum in Virginian courts. The warning reads: Proper attire required in Court Rooms. NO shorts, NO halter/tank tops, NO sleeveless...

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Strike time!

Posted on May 1, 2015 in Bugg’s Boilerplate, General

The first day of May is probably a good time to consider employment action and strikes in particular. For contract drafters the concept of a “strike” can also be important. Because we often want to exclude liability for delays or default caused by strikes (and other forms of actions such as go-slows, work-to-rules, unofficial strikes, demarcation disputes or lock-outs), there matters should be considered in the preparation of...

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