New Film Trailer for “The Contract”

Posted on Sep 13, 2016 in Background, Bugg’s Boilerplate, General, Lawspeak

Was it a boring summer up to now ? Are you looking for a bit of light-hearted contractual entertainment of epic proportions — squashed into just a few seconds ? You may be interested in this trailer from the house of Augustin & Bugg. Please remember to regard it as very much tongue-in-cheek. I would not recommend waiting for the final box office release...

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New Revised 3rd Edition: Sex, Drugs and Contract Law

Posted on Sep 1, 2016 in Background, Bugg’s Boilerplate, General

New Revised 3rd Edition: Contracts in English Working Title: “Sex, Drugs and Contract Law” I have always wanted to drag the dreary textbooks on Contract Law into the 21st century with a revitalisation of content, format and evocative titles. I know the subject matter itself is somewhat dry, but as an enthusiastic commercial lawyer I think that a certain joie de vivre should be reflected in the legal literature. However, my thoughts may already...

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